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UOB-KayHian opined that “F&amp…

UOB-KayHian opined that “F&N Breakup Can’t Be Ruled Out” ~ DJ Market News

Daily Market Summary 31 Aug 2012

Daily Market Summary 31 Aug 2012

US stocks retreated amid concern about a worsening of Europe’s debt crisis and of a further slowdown of the global economy. Dow:-0.81%, S&P:-0.78%, Nasdaq:-1.05%. Nikkei:-0.73% as of 8.34am. Blmbrg

Midas 1H net profit dropped 86.3% to RMB16.85m. Interim dividend of 0.25 cent was declared.

Otto Marine has secured a long term time-charter contract for its Landing Craft, CS Ann Marie. The contract is expected to generate about US$15.1m. SGX

Mermaid Maritime has secured an accommodation barge support services contract with a potential value of US$5.0m. SGX

Koda FY12 net loss narrowed by US$0.3m or 10.3% to US$2.6m. SGX

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Weather Forecast (comparing to the Stock Market on market prediction)

The Indian Chief thought that it was going to be a bad winter so he sent all the braves out to collect wood. As he watched them return laden with timber from the forest he suddenly felt that he ought to check his forecast so he phoned the local met office.

“Tell me, is it going to be a bad winter?”

“Yes” said the forecaster ” it will be a bad one”

So the Chief told the braves that they didn’t have enough wood and sent them back into the forest again. They returned with more wood but once again the Chief had doubts and he called the forecaster to confirm.

“It is going to be a really severe winter” replied the forecaster.

The Chief look at the wood store, decided that more was required and the braves were dispatched back in to forest. The Chief called the forecaster.

“Are you sure it’s going to be a really severe winter”

“Look” said the forecaster “its definitely going to be the worst winter on record – the Indians are gathering wood like crazy!”

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