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Taking Small Losses And Riding The Trend

February 27th, 2010 No comments

"His money making style was about mammoth home runs and many small strikeouts. If there was a ‘secret’, he knew that you had to be able accept losses both psychologically and physiologically."

~ Michael W. Covel
Author, The Complete Turtle Trader
The Legend, the Lessons, the Results
Richard Dennis’ Trading Style

Risk Management: Starting Small & Producing Results

“Start small. Change can be brought about simply by becoming aware of what you are doing. This increase in consciousness will give you choice in controlling your automatic responses in your activities. This can have profound effects on how you trade. Small changes in your trading can provide proof that you can have an impact on your life. From this you will learn how to harness the power that is released in the process of changing. Keep making small adjustments to keep aligned with your goal. Don’t push too hard. You only need to concentrate on producing concrete results.”

~Ari Kiev, M.D.
Book: Trading to Win

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