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Trading of U.S. Shares Using Lim & Tan Trading Platform

September 17th, 2013 No comments

Following are some of the main points regarding opening of U.S. Trading Account with Lim and Tan.

For Trading of U.S. Shares:

* Same user interface as that for SGX trading, using the same Internet User ID and Password login

* Charges:

0.3% or minimum US$20

7% GST rate x brokerage fee

Sales tax for SELL order at 0.00224% x Price x Quantity

U.S. Trading Activity Fee for SELL order at US$0.119 per 1,000 shares

Custodian Fees:

Monthly foreign custody fee is S$2 per counter, subject to a maximum of S$150 per quarter + GST.

Conduct at least 6 trades in a quarter, the monthly fee of S$2.00 per counter will be waived in

any month of that quarter. For clients who conduct at least 2 trades in a month, the monthly fee of S$2.00 per counter

will be waived in that month.

* Rewards

– Complete first 3 U.S. trades online and be rewarded with US$60 in your Online Trading account.

– Complimentary 1 month U.S. Live Prices for new U.S. Trading account.

– Each US online contract entitled to additional free access to live prices for a period of 1 month

from the date of trading.

* Choice of opening a USD Trust Account – fund to be kept in USD so as to minimise exchange rate losses if trading is frequent.

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